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Benefits of Caffeine

We all know and love caffeine. We eagerly reach for it in the morning, afternoon, study time, late night work hours. Any time we need a boost, we can rely on good old caffeine. What you might not have heard, though, is that caffeine isn’t just good for waking you up and getting you out of the daily doldrums. Several studies have shown that, used topically, caffeine can have surprisingly beneficial effects on the skin, and by extension, the hair as well!

These studies indicate that applying caffeine to the skin may help improve circulation
throughout the epidermis, naturally resulting in more youthful, vibrant looking skin. It also
functions as an excellent antioxidant, helping protect against environmental threats.

It follows then that this beneficial effect on the skin extends to your scalp too, replenishing and nourishing hair follicles, making caffeine a desirable ingredient in products targeting damaged, brittle, and even thinning hair. All this time, hair products have been treating only the visible damage of unhealthy hair, leaving the root of the problem unattended!

Treating the scalp and follicles with caffeine helps invigorate the cells, rejuvenating them with nutrients and helping them produce the same kind of healthy, vivacious hair found in youth. Healthy skin produces healthy hair!

After carefully reviewing these findings, Tea42 has developed products to treat hair maladies at the root, literally! Our luxurious, nutrient-packed formulas are enriched with
the finest pure caffeine, as well as naturally occurring caffeinated ingredients, like the
healthy powerhouse that is organic green tea extract. We combine this with DHT*
fighting ingredients, such as refreshing mint, along with antioxidants and humectants,
and end up with a recipe that’s both indulgent and efficient. It’s a formula designed to
promote the health of all hair types, all while giving you a relaxing, delightful cleanse—an
experience you can look forward to every day.

Our spearhead blend, tea-juvenate, is a custom formula specifically designed to showcase the power of caffeine. While it is targeted at thinning, dull, dry hair, its healthy elements are capable of nourishing manes of all kinds. The shampoo and conditioner are
created to complement one another; the conditioner acts as an energetic backup
singer to the shampoo’s opening act.

Our intensi-tea root spray is a concentrated shot of healthy nutrients that plays nicely with any of our product blends—both current and those to come. We are confident that the care and consideration we’ve put into developing these innovative products will
show up in their effectiveness, and you’ll find yourself coming back for more. Enter our
beautiful bou-tea-que and see for yourself!

From our cup to yours,

Team Tea

*DHT – dihydrotestosterone – a hormone that can come in contact with hair follicles. It can lead to nutrient depletion and shrinking of the hair follicles causing thinning, brittle hair.