About Us

We’re here for your hair

Tea42 is an innovative new line of organically infused haircare products that harness the revitalizing properties of caffeine to create a sensual but efficient brew for beautiful hair.

Over the years, caffeine has gone from merely something that gets you out of your
jammies and into that Warrior’s pose, to a remarkable champion in the beauty cause.
Because of its energizing capabilities, it’s a common ingredient in many replenishing
cosmetic and beauty products. Caffeine invigorates the body in such a way that it helps
deliver crucial vitamins and nutrients to skin cells and hair follicles, thereby rejuvenating
them and promoting production of healthier, stronger hair.

One of the most antioxidant-rich sources of caffeine is tea. While it comes in all kinds, some caffeinated, some not, what all teas have in common is their healthy influence on the body. These beneficial effects have made it perhaps the most universally beloved beverage all over the world. Uniting these healthy organic teas with our pure, signature caffeine and combining them with tried-and-true natural elements like humectants, antioxidants and DHT* fighting ingredients, Tea42 has created a powerful synergy in every bottle that treats a multitude of hair types and encourages renewed youth and vitality by nourishing the scalp. A healthy scalp equals healthy hair!

Just like you can visit a tea shop and select a flavor that fits your mood or health cravings, we invite you into our blend bou-tea-que to peruse a variety of infusions we’ve created using tons of tea-inspired ingredients and our own potent caffeine. Join the revolution and let your hair drink in one of our custom, targeted creations. The results will feel so good, you’ll want to put the kettle on and brew up a lather every day!

*DHT – dihydrotestosterone – a hormone that can come in contact with hair follicles. It can lead to nutrient depletion and shrinking of the hair follicles causing thinning, brittle hair.